DFK What to do if account is compromised? TLDR

  • Commonly, if you log in to your account and found some or all of you assets such a Garden LP, Locked Jewels or xJewels from Jeweler are missing, that is a big red flag that your account is compromised
  • If these assets have been transferred by the hackers, then so sorry there is really nothing can be done by anyone, literally no one
  • So once you found out your account/wallet is compromised, don’t bother to spend time to try investigate on what happen but rather, FIRST THING you should do is to salvage whatever you may have — not just within DeFi Kingdoms but all other sites that your wallet is connected to
  • LOCKED JEWELS — Go to DeFI Kingdoms > Jeweler > Manager > Put in your NEW wallet address (0x addr) and click send any locked jewels you have. (please read carefully the instructions in Manager to understand the risk involved)
  • HEROES — Go to DeFI Kingdoms > Tavern > Barkeep > Send Hero. Click in your hero and put in your NEW wallet address (0x addr) and click send. You need to do it one at a time, repeat till you finish sending all your heroes (IMPT: If any of your heroes are listed for sale or hire, please unlist them first before you send)
  • GARDEN LP — You will need to break your LP and split the seeds to convert back to your tokens
  • LANDS — Currently, there is no info on the token which likely a hacker will not be able to take that away. I believe this is tied to your DFK Account. I recommend reaching out to the DFK team for the next step..
  • You have visited a malicious phishing website that stole your information. Common URLs are like those asking you to Sync your wallet. DO NOT SYNC any wallets or disclose your seed phase to anyone.
  • Your computer has been compromised with malware/spyware which can potentially steal your private information such as seed phase if you saved on your computer locally
  • You gave out your Seed Phrase or Private key to someone or submitted to any web site. Never ever disclose! (even to your mum! :) )
  • Do not connect your wallet to any website (Web 3 or Smart Contract sites). Always check your Metamask on connected sites and disconnect any site that is looks unfamilar or suspicious. Click 3 dots on Metamask then click on Connected Sites to review the list. Only access links from official websites listed in Defi Kingdoms #Links-docs https://discord.com/channels/861728723991527464/861731836353576960
  • Lastly, DO NOT RESPONSE TO ANY DM (DIRECT MESSAGE) coming from Discord or Telegram or any other social media sites.



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D