DFK New Training Quest 20th Apr 2022 TLDR

  • Experience (XP) where it will provide MORE XP than usual profression quest
  • New NFT for “Page of the Eternal Story” = There will be 10 pages to be collected via these quest, and it can combined to be NEW NFT for new lore. But there are on 9 available for now, as the 10th piece will be limited time piece which only available in future events. Key to note these are “Seasonal” items where it will be gone once the season is replaced with another so make it even worthy collectibles
  • Lesser Attunement Crystals = Finally we have a place to earn these items and it is via respective quest to earn for eact Stat boost crystals
  • GOLD = Yes! For those without miner, you should rejoice with this new option to earn some gold!
  • Shvas Runes
  • It uses 5 stamina per roll (just like foraging and fishing) and IT IS REGARDLESS of your hero profression so all the same. You send up to 6 heroes to quest each time
  • You should send them based on your Hero stats and much better if boosted (green, blue and purple) as it has higher chance to succeed. (however note there is RNG componenet too). Example if your hero STR is 10 and it is green, it will be boosted to 11, if blue will be 13 and purple will be 14
  • First identify your Hero to be sent, again based on their stat boosted stats. In this example, I send this hero to STR
  • Go to Arm Wrestling quest with Ice Reaver Zaine and Start Quest
  • Select your Heroes to be sent (you can choose up to 6) and required time will be shown as well (in this case, I have 1 hero which will take about 1 min 40 secs to complete). Click Begin Quest and Approve your transcations
  • Once completed, Click to Compete Quest (and pray too! :D)
  • Your rewards will be as such
  • As you can see, my hero only manage to pass 2 out of 5 attempts and I only received Gold and XP (better luck next time for me :) )



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