DFK New Features Coming 13 Apr TLDR

  • EGGS DROP RATE INCREASE 10x! There will be event from 15th April 7pm ET to 18th April 11am ET where all eggs will have 10x increased chance to get them! (yes! but it still means 0.1% only so may be the luck be with you!)! (there is Bunny girl YARA in Garden to do the countdown for you so no need to convert to your timezone!)
  • New Training Quests are coming to train your hero attribute! Total 8 of them for each attributes (STR, END, AGI, INT, DEX, LCK, WIS and VIT) and these new NPCs are at random places in Serendale! (they will be released within 2 weeks as per what I read in discord)
  • Can’t find them? No worries, here is the list
  • Crystalvale Profile now enabled so you can see your beautiful PFP over there
  • Oh ya, dont forget about Hatchery Jarek to hatch your egg too in Marketplace



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D