DFK How to Buy ONE using Credit Card TLDR

With this latest feature launched on DeFi Kingdoms, the following will take you through the simple few steps to do it.

Step 1 — Go to DOCK > BUY ONE Option

Step 2 — Put in the amount you want to buy by either Inputs the amount on USD or ONE

NOTE: there are fees involved so make you sure check as shown below to understand what is included in the price quoted (ClICK DETALS to see)

Step 3 — Click Proceed and you will be prompted to put in email address and click Proceed and you will prompted to enter confirmation via OTP via email

Step 4- After verified, put in your (Metamask) wallet address to receive the ONE. Note that is ONE address format so to convert 0x Metamask address to ONE address, simply to go https://explorer.harmony.one/ and paste your 0x address, the toggle to ONE format on top right hand menu ADDRESS FORMAT

Step 5- Select Card and PROCEED to add a card details such as billing address and card details.

Step 6- For first time user, you need to perform verification process as part of KYC process. Pls proceed to verify as per screen (you will need your mobile to scan QR code). Once done you will need to wait up to 15 mins to complete KYC

Step 7- Once verified, continue with payment and viola! you are done!

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