1. Current challenges on Tavern and heroes
  • They are closed to beta now, after spend so much time rebuilding the API and now in alpha testing, likely within next few days will be pushed to beta if all good
  • This will be definitely be done after they settle the current API issues which is their piority for now. Adding tagging features such as Favourites or Favourits by profession are some example. The opportunity here is really limitless once they expanded their own database and link to wallet
  • This definitely possible as tested. It will be part of roadmap to have ingame controls such as keyboard control as they try to gamify more on the project so stay tune
  • They love the idea and will be working on this to show some form of achievements board inside the castle.
  • They will make it easier for us on this, with something that might show the time that it will be full or time until the next tic. It’s not on the roadmap but they will think about folding it in
  • It will be just for Jewel portion
  • It is coming soon as it has been in the pipeline for a while.
  • It is on priority and hopefully this coming week
  • It is more or less explained the same as in Item 1 and it will be fixed as soon
  • Total 500 Gen 0 will be available for Crystalvale for sale + 25–40 for airdrops, raffles and promotional things
  • The other chain expansion will see the same — so TLDR, 1/4 of everything in harmony on other chain.
  • Simulation still in progress to figure out the numbers but one indication is that if you have 20k-30k locked jewels will be hitting the cap. But it was stated clearly that people will be pleasantly surprised about how rewarding the quest will be.
  • Scholarship type of program are in plan so ppl with more assets can rent out and help with those who needs to start to play to earn. Definitely they going for mass adoption in a manner not to dilute the value of the game — afterall is play to earn
  • We are doing 5 different airdrops over the next few weeks. We do have a few rules and caveats we’ll need to flesh out so wait for announcement.
  • Min at least .01 Crystal
  • This is prevent ppl to move assest around but still want to reward those who holds jewel outside Harmony
  • Only supply will be 1/4 where as all other remained the same.
  • This is ensure parity of price across all of our ecosystems so there is no clear area that on one ecosystem its 1/2 the price. If it is you’ll see arbitrage opportunities and people take advantage of that until the prices start to align. This will create an ecosystem where people will have arbitrage opportunities from all of our chains.
  • This is the reason the change in airdrop to reward LP stakers but single stakes are the priority though. But more considerations of airdrops options in future.



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D