• Hero’s profression gene cannot be changed (very likely will not too in future)
  • Miners XP and profession points are quitable and comparable to fishing and foraging quests
  • In future, hero will have to travel around the map to complete additional/new quests (you can see some maps extension already in the map)
  • Gardening will receive some upgrade in rewards in terms Jewels jackpot, which quite similar to Mining. Coming within next 2 weeks, hopefully
  • In future Hero’sstamina will starts to recover after the quest timer has completed, as compared today where it will only starts after you collect/completed the quest
  • Any actions in the future combat battle? There will be some forms of control that you can set before the match and changes after certain duration (but then again, things will change so just FYI for now)
  • Locked Jewels smart contract are meant for helping anyone with compromised wallet, and there will be new NPC coming in the map. There are huge risks for those using it to buy/sell so definitely NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Tavern issues — APIv6 currently still under testing but looks good. So stay tune.(sic) It’s top priority for our API devs but no exact time frame yet.
Any airdrops will show on the Hotair Balloon



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D