DeFiKingdoms Pets Launched TLDR 26-May

  • Pets are hatchable from 5 type of Eggs obtainable from respective quests and also the golden purchaseable from Vendoor (you refer here for quest cheatsheet )
  • With the Revamp Marketplace, which splits into Central and East Marketplace, you now need to go to East Marketplace and will find Hatchery there and select Incubate Eggs
  • What can you do with pets? For now, they are just for hatching and trading, the boost wont happen till later time example Level 10 Quest
  • They can’t be level up (unlike Hero), and you will need to feed them to provide bonuses in future (so start hoarding all your quest items)
  • You can only equip 1 Hero with 1 Pet, although switcing is possible but there will be cooldown period
  • And you can trade your pets for and egg! (2 pets for 1 egg) — feature coming soon
  • For now only Blue (from Fishing quest) and Grey (Foraging) ready for hatching and there are 3 methods which cost stated as below:
  • Pets are seasonal and it has ability multiple type of game play boost bonuses such as quest, combat and even crafting! Details:
  • Bonuses by Rarity table as follows:



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D