Date and Times for The Perilous Journey
  • Players may complete the quest after the deadline, but they will receive the JEWEL reward as opposed to the CRYSTAL airdrop, even if their Heroes survive
  • Heroes that are unclaimed at the deadline will be counted as dead for the purpose of the gen0 raffle
  • Additionally, the deadline for applying the stat bonuses is April 4, 2022 at 1400 EST
  • An individual Hero’s chance of survival is determined by their level, rank, and rarity
  • The formula for Hero survival is: survivalChance = 34 + level + rarity * (2 + rarity) + 2 * rank * (1 + rank) where
  • You can send them in a group of 6 BUT ONLY WITH GEN 0 in the group will have additional 3% chance (only 1 Gen 0 is allowed per group)
  • Survival Chart
  • A boost of +5 to any three stats chosen by their owner (not stackable)
  • Enough experience to fill their experience bar
  • A survival achievement which will unlock specific quests in the future
  • Access to a selection of land tournaments only accessible to Perilous Journey survivors
  • Entries into a raffle for 25 Crystalvale gen0 Heroes (formula below)
  • An airdrop of CRYSTAL when Crystalvale launches (formula below)
Crystal Airdrops for Survived Heroes
  • To discourage multi-walleting, parties that have more than one Hero survive will receive additional raffle entries
  • The bonus entries received is equal to the total base number of entries received divided by three (rounded down)
  • And PLUS the total number of heroes that survived in the wallet
  • Each wallet may only win once per raffle.
  • A payout in JEWEL based on level, rank, and rarity (table below). (Basically 0.2 Jewel increased per each level — example if you have Uncommon Level 4 you receive 7.6 Jewel)
Jewel Rewards for Death
  • A selection of runes based on level as follows: (note that Moksha has not been released yet at the moment and is needed to go beyond Level 10 so I think this will be useful)
Runes Reward for Death
  • Enhancement stones and attunement crystals based on the stat array, rank, and rarity of the dead Heroes. This abit complicated so do read about what are they via the link below. NOTE this Attunement is NOT ATONEMENT which previously distributed. Attunement Crystal is a feature that help to boost stats and it can be applied multiple times on each hero.
  • Entries into a separate raffle for 25 Crystalvale gen0 Heroes



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