DeFi Kingdoms Team AMA 31st January TLDR

  • Launch of DeFi Kingdoms Grant Program where it rewards anyone who has idea to build anything for the good of kingdoms. You can apply here
  • Botting situations refers to ppl who use bots to do their tasks like questing. There won’t be policy to be created and retroactively enforce it
  • Pending Airdrops — is coming very very soon for the atonement crystal. As for amulets, they will relase the qualifying list too within next few days
  • Hero Staking or longer term quests, will you be able to set your hero to do a task for a week rather than a few hours?
  • Will there be a way to change avatar or name without creating a new account?
  • Regarding Jewel unlocking protocol, will unlock be based on a block or a date?
  • Eggs — any though on adding a marketplace for eggs?
  • The further in we get, emissions go down, gardens offer lower APY, with those lower APY, what is our outlook on having a sustainable game economy, what are our plans on that front?
  • Impact or team’s vision on stats of heroes. Currently we know that quests that are out now, are only the professions and for profession quests, stats only have about 1/3 of the impact on rewards. What is the teams vision on stats going forward. I.e. in Combat will it primarily be determined by stats, or will stats impact skills of the heroes in PVP? Another example, say you have a Pirate with 15 stats on everything and then another pirate with the exact same stats. Will those two heroes be equal in terms of combat and questing? Essentially how will stats impact entirely of DFK gameplay?
  • You’ve mentioned that stats will play a bigger role in professions. As the current formulas indicate, its mostly weighted towards the profession gene, will this change with upcoming quests? Also you mentioned combat and stats, will stats be the primary driver of effectiveness in combat or will stats be the primary driver in the effectiveness of skills?
  • In terms of the future, will the team be focusing on hero class for specific quests or solely on specific stats?
  • 7 Incidents related to code of conduct
  • What can we know about pets and eggs and how close are we to release?
  • As someone who is shamelessly illiquid, it would be nice to have some sort of swap or trade proposal. The market hasn’t caught up to a lot of stuff yet, such as how certain heroes will level up over time. If there was a way for us to connect via discord and people who are very into the hero market, and then we could push trades/swaps through via the marketplace that would be awesome.
  • What about unknown stats?
  • We know that the cost of summoning Gen1 basis with 10/10 summons will be 60 jewel for the two Gen0 parents. based on statistics of getting a Dread knight and probabilities I get to around 20k jewel to hit a dread knight. If the plan is to attract people on t he lower end of the scale, will there ever be an incentive of whales to put their locked jewel when it unlocks back into the system or will we be limited to new people coming into the game?
  • A lot of the incentives have been for bigger accounts to stake their jewel, taking it out of the ecosystem. You can’t get max value, because if I have a hero worth 2k jewel, nobody can buy it, because all the big wallets are locking their jewel up in bank or gardens.
  • But will there ever be an incentive to have the whales to do something other than restaking it?



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D