1. APIv6 deployment has fully restored Tavern’s capabilities so everyone go on to buy, sell or hire your favourite hero! Again it s at https://beta.defikingdoms.com/ but remember everything you do there is REAL!
  2. Land plots are here! The first 100 plots are expanded on the map with 51 on them already distributed to the previously announced winners of land airdrops
  3. You can view the Land Deeds at Castle (see photo below) while functionality such as buy and sell will follow soon so stay tune! (next few days?) . Many more utility for the land will be launched in the near future
  4. Now you can Hide your Profile to save some screen space on your screen
  5. You can now sell your Gardening items at Marketplace
  6. Minor bug fixed for summoned heroes in portal weren’t showing all accessories and questing bug where individuals could quest without expending stamina (Zero attempts)



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DeFiKingdoms Enthusiast but like many around, we dont have time to read long post or discussion, so I start this channel to TLDR what’s happening on DFK. :D